dots of love
from grammy's heart                                           
                             by artist and writer
                                    suzanne rohlfs long
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dots of love from grammy's heart
is the result of suzi's passion for creating art in the very demanding method of pointillism using a crowquill pen and ink.  it is a very meticulous and slow process, but well worth the time.  her paintings are the accumulation of years of practice and hours of discipline.  there is no room for mistakes when dotting with pen and ink. 


over the years, suzi has worked continuously on fine tuning this difficult medium.  her subjects have always been children; their innocence and pure charm have always been an inspiration to her.  suzi's daughters were her very first models for her work and now her grandchildren provide her with amazing ideas ... enough to last a lifetime.

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    dots of love 
from grammy's heart by suzanne rohlfs long
       copyright 2010 all rights reserved


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