dots of love
from grammy's heart                                           
                             by artist and writer
                                    suzanne rohlfs long
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dots of love from grammy's heart
allows you to witness the beautiful magic of dots come to life in artist suzanne rohlfs long's part-gallery, part-poetry book.   this project is the result of suzi's passion for creating art and poetry.

dots of love
introduces readers to "pointillism," which is sometimes called "stippling."  it is a very demanding method of painting using dots to create a perception in the viewer's eye and mind of the image.  although it is a very meticulous and slow process, it is well worth the time.  over the years, the author-artist has worked continuously on this difficult medium using a crowquill pen and ink.  her subjects have always been children; their innocence and pure charm have always been an inspiration to her.  suzi's daughters were her first models and now her grandchildren provide her with amazing ideas ... enough to last a lifetime.

interwoven with suzi's artworks is a heartfelt poem, creatively crafted with rhyme and rhythm.  it tells the story of how her artistic side came to be, her inspiration, and how she intends to share this legacy with her  grandchildren, and generations to come. 



    dots of love  from grammy's heart by suzanne rohlfs long
       copyright 2010 all rights reserved


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